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Family Bonding in the Outback

The Scates Family is very low to the ground and not known for their running prowess; however, my son and I set out to change that. I ran in track as a young, chubby lad, and had not picked up my old sweaty running shoes for 20 years nor did I have the desire. I

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We Run Up!

Meet Andrea from Team "Aim One."  Wife. Mother. Adventurer. Author I have been involved with running and fitness ever since I was a child. Some of my earliest memories include watching my father running on the track. I would play in the infield sand or tag along either on foot or bike as my dad

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Running for Chocolate

Meet our beautiful cover girl, Theresa from the first and only all-women’s Ultra Team in the Outback! Running started for me about 27 years ago during college when those late nights, pizza, wings, and lots of other bad food were starting to catch up to me. What people told me about the “Freshman 15” was

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Love in the Outback

Success and Love in the Outback! Meet Andy from the Lake Area Runners My story isn’t much different than most I’m sure. I began running in 2012. I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and far too often over indulged. I woke up one day, looked in the mirror and was embarrassed of who

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My Road to the Outback

“It’s a Rough Road that leads to Greatness.”-Seneca   Running the last mile of the Dogwood Canyon 50k 2012 12 years ago a family member asked me if I would you like to run 200 miles through the mountains of Utah with a team of 12? "Heck yea," I answered without any hesitation. I loved

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