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The Rewards of Being a Team Captain By: Steve Schaffner (Bear Bait)

Why am I team captain? “Assisting a group of people to develop into a team, then supportive friendships during and after a challenging adventure.” When I learned of the OTO, I really wanted to run in the race.  I told a friend at work that we should put together a

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A Series of Unfortunate Events By: Erin Truitt

"You should REALLY try long distance running, Erin," my Marine sister Megan tells me after she comes back to the states from military duty in Romania. "It's a challenge, and I think you'd be really good at it." Usually I am the one giving my sister advice (as bossy big sisters do), but this

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“Dead Man Running” By Steve Schaffner, Team Captain of “Bear Bait”

In January of 2007, at 49 years old I was diagnosed with a terminal form of leukemia and given three to five years to live.  I was a partner in a consulting firm, single parent to a wonderful daughter in her junior year in high school.  Life was going well until then. The gravity of

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“Whatever it takes.” -By Inger Bakaric

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 4 years ago. At age 44 I went to my regularly scheduled mammogram appointment with no worries or concerns. As soon as the did the initial exam I knew something was wrong. The nurse called in the doctor and they started asked lots of questions. I was

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“Why I Run” by Larry Williams -Original Orphan Outback Team 2015

Earlier this year, a woman I barely knew told me via text that I had done so many “Amazing things” and that I seemed to “Live life to the fullest!” She wondered if I wouldn’t mind writing a short story that she could share with other runners that would explain my “why”; the reason I

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Running from Comfort Zones

Meet Bobby from team Between a Walk and a Hard Pace In early April 2013, I was playing in a full-length basketball game.  I was struggling to get up and down the court.  I wanted to pass out.  After the game, I knew something had to change. I knew I had to change. I had

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Celebrating 25 Years with 25 Half Marathons

I’ve always liked to run 5k’s although never consistently. I would always watch the runners who could go longer distances and marvel at their conditioning, never believing that any distance beyond three miles was achievable. Running a half marathon was just that, a dream. Three years ago I asked my husband to run a 5k

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More than Just Exercise

"More than Just Exercise" -By Maren Christensen People run for many reasons: to lose weight, training for sports, for fresh air - the list can be very long.  While most of these are true for everyone at certain times, for me, running is spiritual. I was lucky enough to grow up among the beautiful Wasatch

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Family Bonding in the Outback

The Scates Family is very low to the ground and not known for their running prowess; however, my son and I set out to change that. I ran in track as a young, chubby lad, and had not picked up my old sweaty running shoes for 20 years nor did I have the desire. I

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