Kevin McCarthy from team “Drop the Hammer” is our 2017 Outback Hero. This was an easy decision and one we knew was the right one before the Outback even began.

Kevin was diagnosed with a rare type of Melanoma skin cancer shortly after the Outback ended in 2016. After two surgeries in November and December he received the “all clear” from his doctor. Sadly, it came back more aggressively outside the original surgery area in July of this year.

After running the San Francisco Marathon, treatment options were discussed and he underwent more surgeries this past August. Kevin started running again just two weeks following his second surgery! He then started daily radiation Therapy the week prior to this year’s race but his doctors gave him the day off on Friday of the Outback to run the race!

He has now completed his radiation and will soon start a year of Immunotherapy. Kevin said he has recovered from surgeries and taken Radiation Therapy better than normal patients and his doctors attribute this to running and his physical shape. In fact, his doctor says the Immunotherapy (similar to chemotherapy) will wear on him BUT they want him to continue running whenever he feels up to it in order to keep his immune system going strong as the Immunotherapy will tear it down.

This was Kevin’s fourth year running the Outback and he told the doctor he was not going to miss it. His team was there for him and got him through it.

On an important side note, Kevin’s team won their division and he placed 3rd in one of our Strava Timed legs (#18) with a 7:05 pace! He is truly a remarkable athlete, father, husband and friend. We are grateful for Kevin and his strength and resilience during this difficult time. Please keep him and his family in your prayers during this next year of treatment.