I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 4 years ago. At age 44 I went to my regularly scheduled mammogram appointment with no worries or concerns. As soon as the did the initial exam I knew something was wrong. The nurse called in the doctor and they started asked lots of questions. I was told right away that it looked like cancer and was scheduled for a biopsy the next day. I was definitely in shock. I was young and in good shape with no family history of cancer.fullsizerender-31

After my diagnosis was confirmed, I was asked by my surgeon what I was willing to do? I was in disbelief and immediately responded “whatever it takes”. I was scheduled for 6 chemo treatments and a mastectomy. I also decided at that appointment that that was going to be my motto for my life. I set a goal for myself to stay in shape and run a 5k color run during treatment. I was slow but I did it, and I caught the running bug. I had to stop running for the last two months but started up again as soon as I was cleared for activities. I then decided I would try to do a sprint triathlon. I learned to swim, practiced my biking and worked on improving my run. I ended up doing multiple short distance triathlons and worked my way from a 5k to a marathon. Through many hard days and hard workouts I always reminded myself “Whatever it takes” that’s what I am willing to do.

Last year I ended up running a trail race with two ladies and was asked if I wanted to be an alternate for their team for some crazy 200 mile race.  I had an amazing time at Outback in the Ozarks and I am so happy I was able to run it again this year. I am even more excited that after a full year I have met so many wonderful running buddies through this experience and I still run with them 4-5 days a week. Thank you Outback for bringing this unique race to our area we are so lucky to have it in our backyard. I look forward to many more.

Thanks to Kammok hammocks, one of our Hero sponsors, Inger received a Roo Kammok which she can enjoy with her husband and on many more Outback Adventures!