I’ve always liked to run 5k’s although never consistently. I would always watch the runners who could go longer distances and marvel at their conditioning, never believing that any distance beyond three miles was achievable. Running a half marathon was just that, a dream.

Three years ago I asked my husband to run a 5k with me and so we did. Running together made it more than just a running event. We had fun and talked about our training, our nutrition and which race we would sign up for next. We spent that first year learning what shoes we needed, what to take on our runs, how to pick the best training plan, what to wear on hot runs, and what to wear on cold runs; some, maybe a lot, we figured out by trial and error. Who knew there was so much to learn?

Since that first 5k together, we have run 10ks, 2 Ragnar’s, half marathons, three marathons last year, Outback in the Ozark and kicked off this year with the Dopey Challenge at Disney World. There are so many great runs we have done along the way, but this year will be our most epic. We will run 25 half marathon to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. So far we have completed 8 and will have a total of 12 done by the end of April.

Running and planning the half marathons has been fun, but the memories we have created will last a life time. We have met so many amazing people and developed great friendships along the way! We’ve invited all of our friends and family to travel with us on any of our half marathons trips this year also. Did I mention how much we love running?