The Scates Family is very low to the ground and not known for their running prowess; however, my son and I set out to change that. I ran in track as a young, chubby lad, and had not picked up my old sweaty running shoes for 20 years nor did I have the desire. I had become soured to the running scene, not that I was ever planning to join the running scene, by the people with “Ragnar” stickers in their window. So what if you run 200 miles in the Utah backcountry, I can eat more McDonald’s Cheeseburgers than you on any given day!

I was always amazed by the people that would shell out hard earned cash to run a race in the middle of the night, dressed in crazy outfits and be sleep deprived. This resentment would have continued had I remained in Utah, but my story changed when I returned to Arkansas. One faithful night, me and my son Caleb, were hitch hiking down a long lonesome road and all of the sudden Todd Guin appeared, possibly in a dehydrated dream, and told me about the Outback in the Ozarks run that he and his wife Kimberlee had founded. I quickly awoke from the dream with a start and realized that I had to overcome my resentment for Ragnar and take on the challenge of the Outback. I mentioned it to my son and the grueling journey began.

We trained tirelessly, challenging each other along the way, and we successfully arrived at the finish line and are now ready to do it again. We are so excited about the 2016 race that we are going to drag one more Scates son into the mix and make him run with us. It truly was a fun bonding experience for the both of us and one that I would highly recommend to others.Scates2 Scates

Here is my son, Caleb’s story: “I began running my freshmen year through the track team at my high school. When we moved to Arkansas I kept up my running and also got my dad into it. Then one day he came and told me about this 200-mile relay race called, Outback of the Ozarks. I was absolutely terrified of running anything more than the 3 miles I had to do in track. So, this race didn’t seem like my cup of tea, but my dad encouraged me to keep training and also got our fantastic team together. After we had our team, we kept training with longer and longer mileage until we were ready to race. This training brought us closer as father and son and I am really glad we got to do it together.