Meet our beautiful cover girl, Theresa from the first and only all-women’s Ultra Team in the Outback!


Running started for me about 27 years ago during college when those late nights, pizza, wings, and lots of other bad food were starting to catch up to me. What people told me about the “Freshman 15” was true and I wanted to combat that as much as possible.  I quickly realized that you can start off your run feeling not so good and end it feeling like a completely different person and that to me was magical.

Once I graduated and started working a competitive fire was ignited.  Saturday mornings were no longer for sleeping in, but rather for starting lines and waiting for the gun to go off.  Living in Florida gave me the opportunity to try many races and triathlons.  I wasn’t very good at the triathlons, but my motto was “you never know until you try”.  And since you end with running I always thought I could make up time while pounding the pavement.  PR’s became a focus, but I still didn’t know how important running would become to me.

After so many years of overtraining, chasing PR’s, and trying to qualify for Boston, I’ve discovered that running is more about my love of the outdoors and my desire to be a better person for my family, friends and other runners in the community.  It’s not always about the numbers.  Don’t get me wrong, I upload my Garmin data and look over my numbers, but I know running is so much more to me.  I’ve been inspired by so many runners in our community and have learned a lot in just the last two years.  I love when I’m driving around town and I see someone out running.  I think in my head “you go” and sometimes even say it out loud and my daughters will just chuckle.  Our community of runners has certainly grown over the years, and even though I didn’t impact that growth, I love that I’m a part of it and hope to be for a very long time.

I run for so many reasons, but really I run….so I can eat chocolate.