Success and Love in the Outback!

Meet Andy from the Lake Area Runners

My story isn’t much different than most I’m sure. I began running in 2012. I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and far too often over indulged. I woke up one day, looked in the mirror and was embarrassed of who I had become. So, I decided to make a change and of course a simple marathon was the catalyst I needed to focus my energy. So, I changed my life- everything about it; what I ate, how much I slept, and my work schedule.

I was coming off a tough break up because of the person I was. I wanted to find pride in myself and make my family proud and I wanted to  find someone to spend my new life with.

I changed everything about me and wanted to BQ (Boston Qualify). My first race was a 4:29 and I was crushed. I refocused my energy and signed up for the Chicago marathon. In my training I met a magnetic and stunningly beautiful young lady. I ran a 3:21 and was disappointed but when I got home she said the right things to get me to try again. I ran the white river marathon in 3:05:42. Lol, they changed the cut off to 3:05 that year and I blew my chance by a brain fart. In that process I started finding love not only in running but life again and it was wonderful!

We became inseparable and running was something I cherished and craved. I welcomed new challenges and wanted to find what I was made of. While I was training, I figured it was time to start challenging all facets of my life and who I could become, so I bought an engagement ring.

During the race I was astounded by the beauty of Arkansas. On my teams walkabout, I had the chance to spar with my thoughts. I figured if anyone could love me after 20 minutes of sleep in 60 hours, unshowered and 30 miles later, I knew it was the place. She embraced me immediately!! What a better group of people to humble yourself with than a bunch of stinky, sleep deprived, and fanatical runners like myself?andy3

I wanted the moment to be remembered not only by me but by my beautiful bride who came down to watch me cross the finish line. So, one race finished and the next race began. I see life as a series of races with the finish being the beginning of the next challenge. My time there has left the ultimate footprint on my life. The blue print I made for my tomorrow there leads me down an exciting road. But following that blue print of my tomorrow does nothing but make me happy.

I love the running community and what it has done for me as a person and Taylor doesn’t understand that so what better way to incorporate it then proposing on the most grueling event of my life!!!