ashley“I have run since I was a child, it has been a constant in my life. I ran in grade school, Jr. High, High school, college, and as an adult juggling three jobs, four kids then two after a divorce. During this time the type of runs have evolved from child’s play to competition in Jr. High, to the collegiate level obtaining a scholarship, to weight control, a stress reliever, and an avenue to meet incredible people who share the same love as you do.”

I run because there was a time in my life I was told my time of running was over. At that point, I vowed never to take running or the gift of mobility for granted. Obviously, the experts were wrong. I run for those who are unable. I run to clear my mind and recharge so I can tackle the duties of being a single mom, a teacher, a massage therapist, and a landlord. To release the ball of energy inside that accumulates each day from stress, lack of movement, anxiety, joy, etc.

One may say I have an addiction to running/working out. ¬†You know, they are right. I am addicted to the euphoric feeling I experience after conquering a run. Whether it is a trail run where I fall on the ground five times from tripping on rocks and roots because my quads and hip flexors are fatigued. Or a flat and easy 4 miles. Plyometric ¬†workout that while doing my bladder tells me “Two kids later I am not as strong as you want me to be.” A fun run with my kids. A run on a rainy and cold day when all I want to do is stay inside because the cold is my archenemies. A race I cuss the almost 7 miles of continuing climbing hills with signs posted on the trees saying “one more hill”; “Just kidding” ; “Okay NOW it is over.” [I’m pretty sure she is referring to her Running from the Devil leg in the Outback.]

I run to share the famous poop stories all runners have. Don’t pretend you don’t have one because we runners know you are lying. I run because in the Outback I was part of an “Orphan/modge podge” team who now have other races scheduled to meet up and run together. There are numerous stories we created and the THREE M’s conversation produced most the laughs.

I run because the feeling of accomplishment cannot be replaced. No matter if that accomplishment is just dragging my tired booty out the door, winning a race, or getting a PR. So get up and go get you some dirt, grass, gravel, pavement, or track.”

-Ashley Siler from team Kioti Strong